Very happy to share this new MOUTH CAPTAIN record. 

Music made by Michael Burns and Eric Gebow, recorded by Allen Epley and Eric Abert, I had the pleasure of mixing it and then Bob Weston mastered it. 


GIVE - Schneider Mixes

This is a fun one. Some of my favorite Noise makers from Boston - David and Christopher Link, George Tsiaras and Stephen Hart started this juggernaut band GIVE. I recorded their first EP at New Alliance and then it was shipped off to LA for the big radio mix. Fast forward a couple decades....they are sharing the less radio mix. Check it HERE

Give Schneider Mixes.jpg

Blue Man Group just released this video directed by Chris Naka, for one of my favorite songs off of the last album I worked on. So much cool stuff going on musically, and now visually as well!

Check it out HERE.

I have had the great pleasure of mixing a project for the past couple of weeks that was produced and recorded by Mr. J Robbins. That man knows how to make a record!